And the Evolution Keeps Rolling…

… away?

I didn’t think it was a legitimate concern the first few times I read about it, but the comment from one of my VS playmates here in the Philippines was that he was getting worried about the power creep in MEV.  Considering that there doesn’t seem to be a DC set on the horizon as of yet and my friends are mostly DC enthusiasts, it’s possible that they’ll buy into MEV, but will the latest set make all the previous sets obsolete?

As of the present, MUN has still kept things fairly sober, partly due to the inherent limitation of supply that would engineer the creation of more frightening decks.  Now that we’ve learned from the MUN experience, we could be ordering MEV in abundance…

… or it may lead to our casting off VS to the level of purely casual gaming, to be replaced eventually by a more accessible hobby.

Hahaha.  There’s not much more to say at the moment with the MEV previews rushing in like tidal waves.  It’s nice to know, at least, that the R&D crew at UDE have yet to run out of fresh ideas.


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