MEV: The Previews Begin

Haha, it’s preview season once again, and I’m hoping that we beleaguered, starving, huddled VS masses here in the Philippines will actually manage to score this set this time around.  The distribution of rares seems as abysmal as ever, which is annoying for those of us who don’t have the resources to splurge on a case, but it’s just one of those things we’ll have to deal with.

At last, underappreciated Cyclops finally achieves Legend status, and though we’ve only seen a couple of his versions, they’re both solid for off-initiative rounds, which is a welcome departure from the majority of the versions we’ve seen thus far that are blank boxes on defense.  Even if we were to resort to the Cyclopses of old, at least now they’ve got something to do off-initiative.  Forcing the exhaust of two of an opponent’s characters is a significant stall effect, that almost ensures you’re going in next round with your forces intact, and could mean stolen initiative if you’ve got a couple of bruisers ready to attack.

Multiple Man… I’m not so keen on, honestly, as it seems needlessly card intensive, but the new 1-drop Hydra army version seems pretty nasty, and the exhaustion card, while nothing we haven’t seen before, gives you something to do with those extra Multiple Men before they get reabsorbed.  It’s very flavorful, certainly, though how it will work competitively will be something to leave to Stubarnes to break.

Ah, Runaways.  I’m eagerly anticipating them and their “secret” mechanic.

And gosh, what does that Nightcrawler legend card do?


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