Of Ahmeds and Annihilus-es (Annihili?)

Negative Zone’s still not getting any love as of late, which isn’t really that surprising considering their relatively poor augmentation in MUN.  There’s potential there, certainly, but nothing unfair or combo-tastic to whet the appetites of tournament level deckbuilders.

Which is not to say that people can’t have a bit of fun.

AA Meeting  (Negative Zone/Checkmate)


2 Connie Webb, Knight

2 Mr. Mxyzptlk, Troublesome Trickster

4 Skreet, Chaos Mite

2 Black Thorn, Elizabeth Thorne

4 Ahmed Samsarra, White King

1 Thanos, The Mad Titan

2 Syphonn, Energy Leech

2 Centurians, Army

1 Elimination Protocol <> OMAC Robot, Army

1 Annihilation Protocol <> OMAC Robot, Army

3 Annihilus, Anti-Matter Master

2 Huntress, Reluctant Queen

1 Ravenous, Servant of Annihilus

1 Sasha Bordeaux, Autonomous Prototype

1 Blastaar, The Living Bomb Burst

1The Void, Robert Reynolds


1 Negative Zone, Gateway

2 Negative Zone, Shadow Dimension

2 Negative Zone, Prison Alpha

3 Negative Zone, Seat of Annihilation

3 Negative Zone, Harvester of Sorrows

4 Brother Eye Satellite

4 Checkmate Safe House

2 Brother Eye

1 Soul World

Plot Twists

4 Knightmare Scenario

3 Target Acquired

1 The Annihilation Wave

Keep in mind that this build is based on cards I actually have, which explains the lack of any Swarm of Annihilus, and could use some more focus, though it runs surprisingly well for something I cobbled together as an afterthought.

Connie Webb:  For Ahmed, really, who is always the centerpiece of any Checkmate engine.

Mr. Mxyzptlk: Because of all the discarding you’ll be doing with the Negative Zones, he’s very handy for keeping your hand size decent.

Skreet: Because she’s Zone,  she burns for 4, and you can stick her out there again later on for some extra burn.

Black Thorn: For re-use of the Safe Houses, the Dark Dimension Negative Zone, and occasionally Brother Eye.

Ahmed Samsarra: Needs no explanation.

Thanos: On the off-chance that you don’t manage to get Ahmed, he’s a poor second-stringer.

Syphonn: A bit oversized, and you can shunt him into the hidden area to allow you to gain some endurance for the rest of the game, barring any hidden hate.

Centurians: Into the hidden area they can go, where their ability not to get stunned while attacking will become doubly useful.

Annihilus: Hates on your opponent’s hidden area, and you’ve got the Prison Alphas to give him some juicy targets.

The OMACs: There really if you haven’t managed to team up by then and need drops, but Annihilation’s KO ability is quite useful.

Ravenous: There because he’s Zone, and to get rid of an annoying location or ongoing plot-twist.

Huntress: A fine-sized 6-drop that doubles as a pseudo Pathetic Attempt.

Sasha Bordeaux: Makes everyone chunkier.

Blastaar: Between him and Annihilus, that’s two stuns without fear of stunback.

The Void: With the Negative Zone around, he practically amounts to a free stun or three.

Playing this deck is fairly simple – set up the Checkmate engine, stuff everyone into the hidden area, blunt attacks with the Safe Houses and Knightmare Scenarios, and strike hard with Brother Eye, Target Acquired and your direct stun abilities.  Use the Wave and/or Gateway to wipe your opponent’s field clean on turn 5.

As always, suggestions for improvement are welcome.


One Response to “Of Ahmeds and Annihilus-es (Annihili?)”

  1. This might be a fun deck to try out. DCR is leaving Sliver soon so it will be Checkmates last Hurrah before Golden Age.

    Thanks for the fun Idea !

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