Still on Hiatus

Wahahahaha.  Still busy playing with my Animated Transformers.  Just got Leader Class Animated Ultra Magnus a few days ago and he is simply fantastic.  Intimidating presence and benevolent leadership, topped with a kick-ass lightning-channeling hammer, in toy form.  Seriously, if DC doesn’t want to relinquish license rights for their images and characters, UDE should approach Hasbro.  What they’ve done with Animated blows a lot of what we see in current superhero lore clear out of the water, considering that one of the underlying foundations of the new TF series is “What if the Transformers were superheroes/supervillains?”

And… still struggling in the Marvel Universe drought to come up with coherent new builds.  Not nearly enough Captain America or Iron Man stuff to justify building a deck around either, though my Warbound Hulk is firing on almost all cylinders (except for the fact that I have ZERO of the 4-drop Hulk…).

And… not eating or drinking anything from sunrise to sunset is not the easiest thing.  I’m not Muslim, but I figured I’d give this Ramadan thing a shot.  It’s a swell diet, but I work in a food company so this is torture.



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