So difficult to maintain, really. I was all zealous and eager to churn out article after article every single day up until a few weeks ago, when work, family concerns and other hobbies and interests devoured what little time I could devote every day to maintaining this blog site.

But I guess what matters at the end of the day is that this site doesn’t die, that I’m still writing, and preferably about VS.

So I’m going back to last Saturday’s VS games, when my friends and I played VS straight from around 3:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. the next day, taking the occasional break only to eat or relocate when the comic shop where we play had to close at 8 p.m.

Some random thoughts:

I really need a couple of those 4-drop Hulks, at least, since I’m not hitting hard as early as I’d like.

In two-on-two team games, the team with the Illuminati player versus the one without appears to have something of an advantage.

No two players will build the Illuminati alike.

For team play, I will have to remove those Clandestine Ops and add something more useful to the team dynamic.

People have got to put more attack pumps in the Crime Lords builds or we’ve got the same nasty problem as before with the old Crime Lords – great defense, little of anything else. Though the burn of Red Skull shows promise in a team dynamic.

Bring It On is devastating in a two-on-two team game.

Two Secret Society decks are very hard to fight, particularly if one of them is packing Monkey See, Monkey Do and Coup D’etat.

I’m still learning how to use Omnipotence properly.

Jury still out on how good the Captain is in an Illuminati deck, but I’d say he has serious potential.

Even running at 40 characters, the new Avengers Reservist deck seems to misfire horribly or run out of steam. Wondering what I’m doing wrong. Maybe more search cards necessary.

Heroes for Hire: the new Mimiflo deck team-up of choice.

We ended the night casually discussing who could compose a DC version of the Illuminati. Head a bit fuzzy on the exact details since it was so late, but we figured it would be comprised of, among others, the following:

Batman – Tactical genius, tons of connections.

Zatanna or Dr. Fate – Representative of magic.

Martian Manhunter – Yes, he’s dead, but he seemed to be the best candidate for mental projection/powers.

Aquaman – Lord of the sea.

Alan Scott – Checkmate King and member of the old guard.

Mr. Terrific, Wonder Woman and Phantom Stranger were tossed around, but didn’t seem to make the cut for one reason or another. I know I’m leaving out some other people who were considered for DC Illuminati membership.

Conversely, although the concept was done before with Villains United, we figured it had to be done Illuminati-style for the DC Villains. The anti-Illuminati, or the “Evilluminati”, would be comprised of:

Lex Luthor – Earth hubris and considerable intellect.

Brainiac – Possibly overlapping with Lex, so one of them would have to be cut.

The Joker – Too much insane fun not to include, and remember what happened the last time he wasn’t allowed to play.

Darkseid – Cosmic-level evil.

Gorilla Grodd – Mental powers, megalomania, general nastiness.

Sinestro – Purveyor of fear.

Ra’s Al Ghul – Immortal villain with armies of assassins at his command.

I notice there are no evil magic beings among the roster. Felix Faust or Morgan Le Fay perhaps, but they’re rather too minor to be seriously considered, I think.

Ha. If only they could come up with some DC Evilluminati cards. A fair number of the characters I mentioned are already Legends in their own right. Hmmm.


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  1. Brilliant !!!! Evilluminati I love it !!

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