Hargh. Just received 3 copies of Omnipotence in the mail Friday (didn’t want to bother buying the Galactus Raid box), stuffed them into my Illuminati deck, and realized… I lock out the card that I name for everyone, not just my opponents. Which resulted in me crippling myself and one of my teammates in a 3-on-3 multiplayer VS brawl.

See, there was another Illuminati player on the opposing side, my friend Ben, and I was concerned that he would make things difficult for my team unless I could nullify him completely. So I got the Infinity Gauntlet online by turn 5 during my team’s initiative, and, worried that hitting him with the glove would get negated, named Pathetic Attempt with Omnipotence before firing the glove.

Ultra bad idea.

I got the glove off, all right, but by naming Pathetic Attempt, I had made myself and my teammate Rey helpless against the opposing targeted effects that blunted my glove usage, exhausted certain of our characters, and in the end allowed Ben to get his revenge on me by gloving me when he had the initiative.

The ironic thing is that I don’t think Ben played Pathetic Attempt in his Illuminati build, which means I could have used the Omnipotence on something much more useful instead of shutting down my team’s negation capability. I had 3 Pathetic Attempts in my hand that would have saved my team a whole lot of grief if I had been able to play them.

Hahahaha. Oh well, that’s what I get for not reading the card. Chalk it up to casual play experience.


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