DCU Fantasy Card Previews: Tom Bronson, Wildcat & Rope-A-Dope

With the future of DC VS still hanging precariously from the ledge of license renewal, a stalwart group of VS enthusiasts have taken the initiative to cobble together a DC Universe set for us to enjoy, as well as keep our mouths watering for the myriad of possibilities available should such a set cross over into reality. Always eager to help out the global VS community, I signed up for, and was provided with, a couple of DCU preview cards for one of the designer’s favorite teams, the Justice Society of America.

Introduced in the Identity Crisis expansion, the JSA have been renowned for their extensive usage of three game mechanics or themes:  (a) gaining benefits from controlling exhausted characters, (b) attacking characters with greater cost than the attacker, and (c) exploitation of the Identity characteristic.  The new DCU Justice Society, while presumably retaining these team strengths, also seeks to take advantage of the new Rally keyword, which has been proven to have excellent synergy with Reservist decks, due to the higher-than-average character card count in these decks.

While this all seems to make for a very complicated new incarnation of the JSA, the actual cards aren’t quite so difficult to utilize.  Case in point?  The latest character to adorn the Wildcat mantle, Tom Bronson:

Tom Bronson is fairly straightforward as far as characters go, providing your characters with the ability to attack hidden characters for the turn, which is extremely valuable in today’s hidden-heavy environment.  Curiously, he isn’t a Reservist.  Nonetheless, he works fine as a silver bullet to fight opponents to like to park everyone in the hidden area in the hopes of swinging back monstrously every turn.  Given the JSA’s propensity for slapping higher drops around, you probably won’t mind playing Tom Bronson as an under-drop in conjunction with other small drops.

Tom’s most significant trait, it seems, is the fact that he sports the Wildcat Identity.  We’ve seen Legend cards already (the Flash) that key off an Identity rather than a name, and with no less than four characters in the past having assumed the persona of Wildcat, it’s only proper that we receive some Wildcat Identity Legend cards:

Rope-A-Dope has a somewhat inconvenient cost, given that the characters we’ve seen so far are not all Reservists (including Tom over here), so whether the JSA can run with an all-Reservist build remains to be seen.  It’s a mediocre effect in general, a small ATK boost on either side of combat, but if that character just happens to have the Wildcat Identity, then it becomes a much heftier pump of +4 ATK on the attack or defense, enough to stun up at least one spot on the curve.  If new cards exist that allow you to provide Identities of your choice to your characters, this card becomes a +4 ATK for just about anyone, at practically any time.

I realize this is up kind of early (my preview date was July 25) but I may not have access to my computer on Friday due to work reasons, and I suppose it doesn’t hurt so much to have little presents like these two cards come in a few days ahead of schedule.

Stay tuned at dcupreviews.wordpress.com for more brilliant DCU previews!


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