Random Ramblings: Clandestine Operations


Writing Part 10 of the MUN Set review has been plenty exhausting, given that I’ve written 9 other parts and the momentum I achieved earlier is starting to wane. Not to mention, between my grandfather’s passing, my visiting relatives from the U.S., and my poor health as of late, I just haven’t been able to concentrate on this blog and give it the attention that I should.

But then, I figure not every post has to be a full-blown article about something. So I thought it would be fun to just blab about what is becoming one of the most intriguing cards of the MUN expansion, Clandestine Operations.

It has been discussed before in other blogs of greater renown that Clan Ops is an instrumental element of the Illuminati puzzle, giving you some much-needed breathing space to stall into the later turns where you take control of the game. Of this I have no doubt, although I have yet to test out its actual effectiveness, seeing as I only recently snagged a copy of the card, with a couple more or so arriving at my doorstep in the next week or so.

The exhaustion of opposing characters every turn without having to devote resources or character powers to it is a fantastic stall mechanism, practically ensuring that, with proper combat management, you won’t see a turn where you will be overwhelmed by a bunch of characters popping in to kick your butt. As the elite VS player Patrick Yapjoco was kind enough to share, even without the rest of the Illuminati tricks, Clan Ops is worth building a deck around. But what teams, or legends, would have the best synergy with Marvel’s own “Secret Six” and their covert plottings?

Doom: Captain Spud of The Lost Hemisphere has cobbled together a build that uses the Illuminati as a supplement to Dr. Doom (just the way Doom would have wanted it, haha), whose stall/control capabilities are legendary. Mystical Paralysis and Doom’s own plot twist recursion/shutdown go hand-in-hand with Clan Ops and the Infinity Watch Iron Man. I don’t need to wax further about its potential, which has been adequately covered by Captain Spud’s Illuminati article.

Inhumans: Black Bolt is an Inhuman, and his team has plenty of exhaust/non-readying capability, so this seems like a good fit. Waking the Ancestors, Jolen and Nahrees keep people tired, Medusa strangles them further and makes sure no exhausted payment power shenanigans occur, and Gorgon stops readying altogether. From that point you can play the 8-drop of your choice, though 7-drop Starfire works just as well to stun all the opposition. Galactus at 9 for the win! At the 5-drop slot, Iron Man seems fine to keep characters locked down in conjunction with Nahrees, with the 5-drop Mr. Fantastic as a backup since he’s Inhuman and can be searched out easily enough.

Spider-Friends: Spectacular Spider-Man helps you out against the lower drops with his ability and Gift Wrapped, leaving the higher drops to Iron Man until he comes back at turn 7 to lock down bigger opposing characters. Sentry and Galactus finish things off.

Heralds of Galactus: More exhaustion tech from Air Walker and I Must Obey, and the mass card draw of the Heralds gets you to your key cards quickly. Red Shift has decent synergy with Clan Ops. Life gain elements also make it easier to survive to the later turns. Galactus cleans up on turn 9, of course.

Warbound: The Great Arena is a fine stall card, and though Hulk Red won’t be of much use, Strongest One There Is, Bloodsport and Hulk, Green Scar should make short work of incoming attackers. You can use an aggro-control variant to take potshots at opponents when you see an opening.

Argh. I’m tired now so I’ll stop here, but I’m certain there are many other teams and combinations out there that we have yet to consider.


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