Custom VS Hijinks: Foes of the Future, Part 2

I really have to get a partner or two to keep this site updated regularly. So many ideas, so little time…

Welcome to the long-gestating part 2 of my own take on the Future Foes and the discard theme! The original incarnation of the Fatal Five is the one with which we VS players are most familiar, but, like many other villainous teams, they have been known to alter their roster throughout their tumultuous history with the Legionnaires. One notable Fatal Five character is a native of Titan who infiltrated the ranks of the Fatal Five only to prove that she was a worthy addition to the Legion:

To reflect Mentalla’s dual nature, she sports both the Legionnaires and Future Foes team affiliations, and possesses attributes that would make her a worthy addition to either team. When playing for the Legion, her Press, Unity and decent stats help her fit right in, and her ability can trigger when she uses Unity as well as when she engages in regular combat. When working with the Foes, her discard triggered power helps chug the rest of the team along.

Flare has a minor burn ability that can net you anywhere from 0-4 endurance loss every turn. On its own this may be a bit vanilla, but in conjunction with one of the plot twists at the disposal of the Fatal Five, she can net you huge swings in endurance advantage.

Caress had abilities much like that of Mano, and this is reflected in her potent resource replacement one-shot ability, which works in conjunction with her Vengeance attribute. She is also slightly beefier than usual for a 2-drop, helping ensure that her ability triggers only as you would want it. Note also that her ability can trigger during the build phase, but I expect that she’d be a little more difficult to abuse than Justice League of Arkham, unless we’re looking at Chomin/Join Us or Die, but even then… well, maybe there should be a “triggers only during the combat phase” qualifier.

Now that I’ve covered most of what I’d like to see on the Future Foes characters as far as the discard theme is concerned, perhaps a few supporting plot twists are in order to turn up the hand loss mayhem:

An average ATK pump, but with a little bonus for the Future Foe discard theme, that also ties into the breakthrough theme that their actual VS incarnation supported.

Another breakthrough theme/discard theme plot twist, this one can completely lobotomize your opponent if you manage to cause the necessary breakthrough. I figure this one is rather overpowered, and perhaps should only be for the attack (but then it would be underpowered).

In the spirit of Servants of Darkness and (I humbly submit) a much more devastating card than Earth Enslaved, this card burns the opponent every turn for up to 4 endurance. Multiples plus Flare plus your opponent not having a hand equal a whopping max of 20 endurance loss before the turn is out! Okay, maybe this one should be powered down a bit to burn a max of 3 endurance, but the general idea is to create a continuous burn effect akin to the Rack in Magic the Gathering.

Here we have yet another negation effect, that keys off of the number of cards an opponent doesn’t have in his hand. The smaller your opponent’s hand size, the better for you.

I’m sure we all recall those squeezeplay Future Foes plot twists that gave an opponent the choice of facing a plot twist effect or discarding a card. Well, Out of Options works in such a manner, but it really gives the opponent a hard time, working as a reverse Break You on the attack that forces your opponent to discard a few cards or take an extra 6 ATK from an incoming character. Any way you slice it, it ultimately redounds to your advantage.

Lastly, we come to a card that takes advantage of what should be the ultimate goal of the Future Foes discard deck: for the opponent not to have any cards in hand. Once this is achieved (and it’s not quite so hard once you’ve got the strategy going), you can really punish your opponent regardless of the initiative, and slap around off-curve decks like nobody’s business. Pathetic Attempt, you say? Well, that’s what Ready For It is for. I templated most of the plot twist and character effects in such a manner that would render PA a dead card in an opponent’s deck, if it doesn’t get discarded first.

Regretfully, I am still bereft of a location for the Future Foes, because I don’t have a picture or indication of where they would have hidden out. Any assistance in this regard would be most appreciated.

Next up from the mad science design board, we look at another DC space-age team that never quite got off the ground, the Manhunters, and see how we can tune up their robotic ranks.


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