Spotted Deck: Mimiflo

What do women want? Nobody really knows, not even women. Women tend to be much more accurate about what they do NOT want.

Men, on the other hand, are much simpler. There’s a short list somewhere, I’m sure, floating around in our heads. And somewhere near the top of that list, I’m confident we’ll find boobs.

Haha. Okay, before I’m panned for being a male chauvinist pig, or a misogynist, allow me to qualify that I’m just the messenger. One day, we all decided to bring decks that were not keyed towards a particular strategy or team, and certainly not competitive, but instead on a fun theme. Someone brought a bald person deck, another brought a hairy character deck, you get the idea. Christian Borja brought his Mimiflo deck, which to his credit he assembled even before we decided to run with the theme decks. The concept was for as many cards as possible in his deck, both characters and non-characters, to feature ample female breasts.

The first deck he came up with was really more of a hodgepodge of characters cards that worked with the theme than anything else, for which reason there isn’t as much synergy among the characters as one would like. It was ridiculous fun, however, verifying each card as fitting for the theme, and a good laugh was had by all, including our own avid VS female player, Sheila. For those who didn’t catch the introductory article, the Mimiflo deck was named after the Mimiflo line of feeding products (plastic nipples and the like) for infants. It was really popular here in the Philippines in the 80’s because of their silly commercial.

MIMIFLO DECK (62 cards)

Drop 1: Lady Vic (x2)

Madame Xanadu (x2)

Drop 2: Black Cat (master thief) (x2)

La Encantadora (Lourdes Lucero) (x4)

Drop 3: Dagger (Tandy Bowen) (x1)

Donna Troy (Born Again) (x3)

Medusa (Inhuman) (x1)

Drop 4: Moondragon (x2)

Titania (Mary Macpherran) (x2)

Drop 5: Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) (x2)

Wonder Woman (Earth 2) (x2)

Drop 6: Power Girl (Earth 2) (x2)

Power Girl (Karen Starr) (x1)

Drop 7: Emma Frost (White Queen) (x1)

Harbinger (Multiverse Messenger) (x2)

Drop 8: Dark Phoenix (Alien Life Force) (x1)


Back to Back (x1)

Air Strike (x2)

Concrete Jungle (x2)

Flying Kick (MFF-025) (x2)

Female Furies (x2)

I Still Hate Magic (x4)

Magical Lobotomy (x3)

Pleasant Distraction (x2)

Transmutation (x1)


Crisis on Infinite Earths (x4)


Dr. Fate’s Tower (x3)


Amulet of Nabu (x2)

Cloak of Nabu (x2)

Helm of Nabu (x2)

The second incarnation of the deck was much more focused, concentrated on the Underworld and Hellfire Club, two teams who have decent synergy, and could be tweaked into a great Hobby League contender with the right configuration. What this proves, of course, is that you can take an outrageous theme and assemble a deck with some fighting prowess if you really put your front, er, back into it.


(Underworld/Hellfire Club) –60 cards

Drop 1: Courtney Ross (once and future queen) (x3)

Drop 2: Nekra (Nekra Sinclair) (x2)

Viper (White Warrior Princess) (x4)

Drop 3: Marie Laveau(Voodoo Priestess) (x2)

Queen Lilith (Den Mother) (x4)

Drop 4: Madelyn Pryor (Black Rook)(x2)

Witch Woman (Linda Littletrees) (x3)

Drop 5: Satana (Satana Hellstrom) (x4)

Drop 6: Madelyn Pryor (Goblyn Queen) (x1)

Selene (Black Queen) (x2)

Drop 7: Emma Frost (White Queen) (x2)

Drop 8: Dark Phoenix (Alien Life Force) (x1)


Black Magic (x3)

Cardinal Law (x4)

Death Trap (x2)

I Still Hate Magic (x2)

Join the Club (x4)

Mist Form (x2)

Raising Hell (x2)

Return of Donna Troy (x1)

Strange Love (x3)


Evil Alliance (x4)

Forbidden Loyalties (x1)

Ritual Sacrifice (x1)


Club Dead (x1)

What casual play themes have you come up with? Or what suggestions would you have for a crazy concept? Feel free to share your thoughts, no matter how twisted or potentially offensive they may be.


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