Custom VS Hijinks: Rebooting the Legion, Part 3

Winding down now to the final installment of the Legion revamp, it’s time to cover all the characters I missed the first time around (I hope):

Salu Digby may be tiny most of the time, but she packs quite a wallop as one of the Legion’s most formidable fighters. If you can keep her around a few turns to when the Press chains begin, she can really do a lot of damage attacking up the curve. I realize she should have Concealed-Optional, sorry!

I figured that Chameleon boy should work a bit like Beast Boy, except that he only gains the counters on defense. Given the Unity mechanic, it shouldn’t be too difficult to increase his size.

By herself she’s a vanilla Concealed-Optional 3-drop, but in the context of a Press Chain she can set you up to strike back with maximum prejudice during your off-initiative turns — which is a tactic more suited to the term “From the Darkness”.

Dirk Morgna hasn’t seen much mainstream action lately, but he’s no less of a scorcher, which is the essence of his power. If you can keep your board preserved into turn 6, you may want to forgo a turn 6 Press chain in favor of that extra crispy burn potential. Sun Boy and Lightning Lad for the win!

With enough of a board presence, Mon-El can singlehandedly remove your opponent’s biggest threat from play, at the acceptable cost of losing him, as well, which is in line with his great sacrifice in the comic series of wiping out the Dominator threat with a Phantom Zone Projector powerful enough to transport a planet. You can also use him in conjunction with Sun Boy to burn the opponent twice over.

I’m not sure how Superman fits into the new Legion storyline (the trades don’t go that far yet) but he’s wearing the signature ring, so what the hey, let’s go with this image. A game-winner as far as 8-drops go when it isn’t your initiative, he can stonewall attack after attack with the combined might of the Legion working together, abusing Unity to its full potential. What more can you ask from the Man of Steel in the 31st Century?

I realize that he should be rare, all things considered.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a search card that functioned like Bat-Signal, and it seemed that the team-stamped plot twist of the Legion was an appropriate fit given the Press swarm mechanic that the Legion seek to abuse.

A bit like the Legion of Super-Pets, but with a slightly larger kick, and the advantage that it can be used on defense as well with a little help from a Unity teammate. In a pinch, it’s a +2 ATK pump in combat, which allows for more fight flexibility.

A simple defensive ongoing plot twist, Legion Channel One is best utilized in multiples, where the use of Unity will trigger a mass DEF boost to all defenders.

This plot twist assists with the Press mechanic by facilitating the return of characters to hand, and provides an additional ATK bonus in exchange for the supposed field presence subtraction.

Fury of the Legion is the finisher card of the team, allowing the player to rip the opponent to shreds after a Press chain on-initiative. If the attack didn’t go quite as planned, Fury returns all the attackers to hand for more Press magnificence. Oh, that last part on the card should read “that attacked this turn” for clarity. I realize this is most definitely overpowered, and maybe could be tempered by “once per turn” wording.

The Live Kree or Die/Hala of the Legion is pretty straightforward, amounting to as much as a Savage Beatdown by turn 6. Better or worse than the Kree primary combat plot twist depending on the situation.

Lastly, we come to the one location I managed to template (simply because I couldn’t find any images of any important Legion locations), and it really serves mostly to help with the Press chain, although the added reinforcement bonus should be welcome in conjunction with Unity.

Next week, I’ll look over the Fatal Five and the rest of the Future Foes, and study how the card discard mechanic, which proved to be devastating in other card games, can be improved for competitive play in the VS universe.

Happy Mother’s Day to all your moms!


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