Custom VS Hijinks: Rebooting the Legion, Part 2

Sorry for being out of circulation for a while, work and the weekend piled up like a swarm of Infernal Minions and I’m still plenty exhausted. A blog is as much personal discipline as it is the sharing of random thoughts, apparently. Almost midnight over here, but I really needed to see this launch off the presses before I caught some much needed slumber.

Mr. Brian Rutty commented that he was curious to see where I was going with this revamped Legion concept, and I’d have to say I’m still undecided about that, since I’d want to give fair card presence to as many Legionnaires as I can, but also pay homage to those who’ve distinguished themselves a little more than the others. Well, considering the nature of the Legion and its focus on equal treatment of its members, that’s probably just one character in the Waid version (although I suppose a high-drop Brainiac is also perhaps in order): Supergirl.

(Disclaimer: I realize this should be Kara Zor-El <> Supergirl, but the templating on the card wouldn’t allow the full name to display properly, so I went for aesthetics over accuracy.)

Headlining the comic book for about four story arcs, and hailed as the most powerful Legionnaire for the time that she spent with them, Kara Zor-El had the unfortunate fate of standing out without ever fitting in, finding herself a thousand years in the future in an age that worshipped her as a legend. As such, it seemed appropriate (and really, just big fun) to crown her as the Legend character for the Legionnaires.

4-drop Supergirl is a formidable addition to the Legion’s ranks, with the full complement of Press, Unity, flight, range and above-average stats, balanced out slightly by her Loyalty. Given the core strategy of the Legion, however, it won’t be difficult for her to be flying high as a 9/10 beast with Invulnerability. At a full Press with 5 resources, she keeps things comfortably on-curve, outsizing a fair number of 5-drops.

She’s tough stuff, but hardly the finisher that the Legion would need to seal the deal. Enter her 6-drop version, which does sport Press but could just as easily come down by herself to wreak havoc under the right conditions.

We all know by know how potent a +2 ATK bonus across the board is, and Supergirl gives it to everyone, even herself, making her a monstrous 15/13 while everyone else gets more dangerous under her leadership.

Being the Legionnaire Legend, it only makes sense that she would receive Legend plot twists that function best when she’s played in her own team, although not without their uses in other instances, with other incarnations of Supergirl:

Might of Krypton serves two purposes in a Legion Press/Unity build – it makes Supergirl HUGE for the turn to really slam into the opponent, perhaps after all of her teammates have attacked, and be really difficult to stun on defense, and it allows you to return your other Legionnaires to hand, either for another Press chain or simply to avoid massive breakthrough. Note the tension it creates with the 4-drop Supergirl, who loses her +2/+2 and Invulnerability if Might of Krypton takes away too many Legionnaires from the field.

And if she wasn’t hard enough to stun already, Last to Fall makes it downright impossible. It has its obvious use on the attack to help preserve your board presence, but of course it is much more potent on defense, stopping one attack cold, but unlike Indestructible, Supergirl can attack right back if given the chance. I was going to template it like Last Stand to make it more fair, requiring two or more stunned characters, but what the heck, it’s Supergirl.  You can only play Last to Fall once each turn, if that improves balance matters somewhat.

Hoping to fill out the rest of the Legion curve tomorrow, get into the skinny of their plot twists, locations and equipment, and round out the rest of this discussion. Pleasant dreams until then.


4 Responses to “Custom VS Hijinks: Rebooting the Legion, Part 2”

  1. Dragavon Says:

    Re: Last to Fall

    I do believe (and I might be wrong) but this card cannot be used to prevent Supergirl from being stunned while attacking.

    The card states “only if Supergirl has not entered combat this turn. Target Supergirl cannot be stunned this attack”

    That means that while it can be used in defense to prevent her from being stunned, it cannot be used while attacking because she has to have entered combat already for “this attack” part to work.

    Otherwise, love the cards!

  2. omnicresence Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I changed the card accordingly.

  3. Interesting take on the Legionnaires. I’d say that you should make Supergirl’s 6-drop say “four or more non-stunned” characters because as they get stunned, the power of the team goes down.

    In fact, I’d almost suggest of all your cards to say “non-stunned” when counting Legionnaires characters in play (that you control.)

    Also, on last to fall, going with flavor, it should read more accurately: “Play only if you control three or more stunned characters”

    These are all just minor suggestions by the way.

  4. omnicresence Says:

    Hi Don, thanks for the suggestions, and rest assured they are well-taken. Personally, I am reluctant to power down the cards that count Legionnaires in play because similar effects (such as global +2 ATK effects) on other teams are not hampered by the need to keep characters non-stunned to be effective (Kree and Sinister Syndicate being some notable examples). Also, this would allow the Legionnaires to be easily overcome by smart attacks, which is counter-productive to their off-curve Unity mechanic.

    As to Last to Fall, I originally thought of templating it that way, but my concern was that it would be too hard to trigger since the Legionnaires do not have evasion. I agree that it makes more sense flavor-wise, but would also make the card almost unplayable for its intended team and Legend.

    Great observations, though, and I’ll re-assess the cards while I work on the Future Foes.

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