Iron Man Movie Day!

Curiously enough, we here in the Philippines get to watch Iron Man a few days earlier than in another parts of the world, on April 30, 2008, which is set conveniently before Labor Day, so we expect the theaters to be flooded with film enthusiasts and comic book mavens alike to catch the feature length movie of one of Marvel’s oldest and (presently) most controversial heroes.

Iron Man is, to me, the Marvel/Avengers equivalent of Batman in DC/Justice League, as the one member of the group whose powers are not conferred by some supernatural origin or inherent in the character’s physiology, either naturally or through artificial enhancement.  Take away the suit and Tony Stark is just a man with excellent business savvy and astonishing intellect,  who would be even less effective in a fight than Bruce Wayne due to the latter’s martial arts background and constant workouts in the Batcave.  I realize that the Extremis upgrade has invalidated that premise somewhat, but it’s a fairly recent innovation that has not diminished the gripping humanity of the man in the iron mask.

More to the point, just as some people love the Batman character for the fact that anyone could be Batman if they had similar resources and some trauma-driven drive to combat crime, the same could be said for Iron Man, at least once technology catches up (if it hasn’t already been developed in some top secret military facility somewhere in the world).  I also appreciate how Iron Man’s constant struggle with alcoholism is a recurring issue in the comics, and handled realistically instead of simply being provided as a character flaw to make him more “interesting”.

Advance praise has been heaped on the movie by reviewers who were lucky enough to sneak into preview screenings.  So I’m keeping my expectations sober but also secretly hoping to be wowed.

I’ll be posting a review on the movie once I’ve watched it, so stay tuned.


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