Warbound Previews, Part 3

Sorry, a little behind on snatching up previews from the excellent VS blogs scattered around the web.  These two gems are from onyxweaponvs.blogspot.com and fizzlemesexy.wordpress.com, respectively:

Worldbreaker really does seem more suited to a stall strategy towards some turn 9 bomb like Galactus, successfully clearing the board so that next turn, even if your opponent manages to drop something big, Galactus and Hulk should make short work of it.  Seems to controvert what has thus far appears to be a more aggressive strategy theme for the Warbound, if not for the Hulk himself, but then again, the Hulks that we’ve seen are more about out-of-combat stuns and direct KOs, which are reminiscent of control instead of aggression.  Even The Strongest One There Is doesn’t actually harm the opponent directly (by causing him stun endurance loss, for instance).  A direct KO is a control element to limit the violence that your opponent can muster for future turns, and stunning the defending Hulk means you’re one defender shorter after the attack anyway.  Only the rest of the MUN Warbound and Hulk-specific cards will tell us for sure.


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