Custom VS hijinks

My VS play group is quite the collection of interesting personalities.  Today, I pay homage to one of them:

You’ll notice the Disloyalty keyword on the card; while that was really something of a joke, I figured it could also stand for “recruit this character only if you control a character that has an affiliation other than the printed affiliation of this character.”

Anyway, this card is supposed to represent how Alex used to play in our twisted multiplayer format and its shared front and support rows, which allow Leader characters significant latitude when choosing a target to stun or KO for an effect.  There were times when Alex would sacrifice a character of one of his allies who was adjacent to one of his leader characters, which produced a great effect but forced the ally player to lose one of his characters as a consequence.  It really isn’t quite as nasty as we would make it out to be, but it was and still is a source of mockery, so it sticks.


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